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Billie Eilish’s Love For Justin Bieber

It was recently revealed that the parents of Billie Eilish, at one point, thought about sending her to therapy, due to her obsession with famous music artiste, Justin Bieber. The singer, who is 18 years old, has previously talked about her love for the “Baby” singer, and still revealed how walls of her bedroom was decorated with posters of him all through. During a recent episode of Billie’s Apple Music radio show, she and her father, Patrick, welcomed her mother, Maggie Baird, as a special guest of the show. In the interview, Billie’s mother talked about how intense her daughter’s passion was for him, adding that she would always sob when listening to his music.

According to her, she and her

According to her, she and her husband contemplated carrying her to go and receive therapy, as she was feeling bad because of Justin Bieber. In her words, it was so much that it almost destroyed their daughter. Eilish confessed that she usually weeps when watching the video of one of his major songs. She made it known that she would just watch the clip of the song, and just begin to sob. Still discussing the music, Maggie Baird, an actress, who was involved in television shows like Bones, X-Files, and Six Feet Under, said that she remembers this particular one clearly, as Billie was always referring to it, and was happy that it would soon be released. In the process, she was just crying and sobbing.

Billie Eilish's Love For Justin Bieber

Almost everyone is aware of the whole Billie and Justin Bieber situation, but this song was a huge factor in what happened. The first time Eilish happened to meet Justin Bieber, was at Coachella, a year ago, by then he was 26 years old. They were both snapped hugging each other, after Eilish’s debut performance at the festival. Her love and admiration for the pop star was so deep that her parents started thinking of taking her to therapy. It was revealed that the singer of the “Bad Guy” music was Justin Bieber’s major fan during her teenage years, and she eventually got to meet her icon after rising to fame in 2019. During the last part of her radio channel on Apple Music, her mother, Baird, confessed how extreme her affections were.

She said that anytime she goes to the studio with her car, and Billie with her, his music is always being played, and she would start crying. And even when she was driving back, Billie will still continue in the act. Baird added that she was either crying for a song called “Marina and the Diamonds”, or the other one. In fact, based on what she said, it was all of his music releases. Eilish and Bieber’s relationship has been quite an adventure for them. As they finally met each other at Coachella last year, when she gave her first-ever performance at the festival of music and arts. Fans are hoping that their relationship can develop into something more, as some of them are already rooting for the two singers to start dating.