Better Singer Between Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande
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Better Singer Between Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande

Both Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are good singers as they both started singing when they were still young, so they had time to improve their vocals. Ariana started singing in 2011 at 15years old, Taylor Swift started out as a songwriter for Sony Music Records when she was 14years. 2004, before she was signed under Big Machine Records for 16 years, releasing singles that put her on the billboard charts. Taylor Swift may be a better musician as the celebrity has worked in the musical industry longer than Ariana Grande but they both have great vocal cords and write good jams for their fans. These artists have topped billboard charts and Spotify with their records making them the most popular female singers worldwide. Ariana Grande has over 200million followers on Instagram showing how large the fan base is, while Taylor Swift has 140million followers who have a large fan base too.

Taylor Swift has recorded nine studios,

Taylor Swift has recorded nine studios, 2 compilations, 3 live albums and 5 extended plays while Ariana Grande has 6 studio albums, 2 extended plays, 1 live, 1 compilation plus 1 remix album. Ariana also has 48 single studio tracks herself or featuring other artists and 12 promotional songs. Taylor Swift has 41 million subscribers on YouTube, which is lower than Ariana, who has 47million subscribers indicating how large the fan base is. Ariana’s total YouTube views are 18billion which is 3billion lower than Taylor’s total YouTube views. The two women have topped Spotify more than once as the most streamed female artists globally with their unique music tracks.

Ariana has had 5 extended playlists

Ariana has had 5 extended playlists trending at number one on American billboards since she started singing, while all nine albums by Taylor Swift have trended on billboard chats. Taylor Swift gets over 35million streams monthly on streaming charts, Ariana Grande gets 70million monthly streams online charts every month making the competition between the two artists stiff. Ariana’s music has accumulated 35Billion streams since the singer started music career. Taylor’s music has 80Billion streams as the singer has had a longer career than Ariana Grande. Sales from the song album give Taylor Swift 93 album equivalent units and Ariana gets 42 album equivalent units. Their live performances show their vocal prowess to fans who attend events organized by them as tickets to these events usually get sold out before the day for performance.

Better Singer Between Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande

Grande has had over fifty collaborations, with more than half topping the billboard charts, the celebrity has worked with rap queen Nicki Minaj on five single tracks, Iggy Azalea, Big Sean, Justin Bieber and Jessie J, who are all big artists, increasing the musician’s fan base. Taylor Swift has had fewer but great collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran as she might prefer to go solo on projects. Swift’s albums always break the internet and get over a million hashtags when she drops them, making Swift a female icon in the entertainment industry. Ariana Grande makes great love songs which fans love while Taylor makes heartbreak songs that people with love problems can relate to.

The two females may be great singers each with different fan bases, but Ariana Grande gains popularity daily as the artist is more active on social media. Taylor Swift may make great hits but is inconsistent as she involves herself in other activities aside from singing. They have been nominated for more than 300 awards each, Ariana has won 136 awards in the musical industry, Taylor Swift has bagged 366 total awards from 800 Nominations. Swift has 10 Grammy Awards, and she’s also been voted as people’s favorite artist within the decade.

Based on streams, nominations, vocals, talent and fan base, Taylor Swift is a better musician than Ariana Grande as she has higher air play globally, more nominations plus awards, more top tracks on billboards plus higher album equivalent units. Ariana has more fans and subscribers on YouTube who buy the singer’s tracks, attend shows and go on tours with the singer, giving Ariana fame plus credit for hard work. Both celebrities have beautiful voices for Blues and Country genres which have helped them make unique songs putting them on song chart boards or billboards worldwide. Taylor Swift may be a better singer as she has phenomenal albums plus a longer singing career and more accolades.